Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your questions. It might not be everything but is everything you need to know.

So how can you afford to give us free stuff??

If you do not like free subliminal try paid version. We offer free self help subliminal for you to try before buy. Almost like going to Costco and sampling their food. We offer you a taste of our products.

How do I download your Mp3s?

Our Mp3s are in a zip file – you need a computer to download and save the zip file. Once your file is in your computer, right Click on the folder and use the option “Extract All”. Always extract our files before using them. Where you see cloud file and you can play the mp3 online this mean you can listen on our website or use the arrow to download from cloud in an MP3 format.

Can I burn a CD with your files?

Yes you can burn an Audio CD or a data CD. You need burning software which probably your computer already has. Do not use the option “Normalize” it will made your subliminal unusable.

Because your subliminal recordings are free- do you put any advertising inside of them?

No we do not use deceiving and unethical advertising. We promise that our subliminal have only positive affirmations and there is nothing you need to worry about.

If I do not speak English can your subliminal benefit me?

No it will not- the affirmations are recorded in English only.

What frequency are you using?

We are using a frequency that affects your Delta or sleep state when recording ocean Waves and a frequency that affects your Alpha or relaxed alert state – Music and Silent Subliminal. You can read in Wikipedia about all those states of brainwaves.

For other questions or suggestions please contact us.