FREE Green Eyes Subliminal Color Eye Change

Green Eyes Subliminal

Transform your eyes color with Subliminal

We received many times a subliminal request for changing eye color. Because many people on planet earth have dark eyes, I am guessing is an increased desire to have blue eyes or green eyes.
We at do not believe that you can change any genetic traits with subliminal. We might lose you as a customer, but we feel better this way then you feeling tricked.
Subliminal is not which craft, it can not make you taller – it can not make your hair curl or change color, it can not possibly change the eye color. But if you think it will, here it is a subliminal was suggested to us by a customer
This is a true professional subliminal exactly as the one we sell, with a low compression and high quality sound.

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The affirmations used on this subliminal are :

The melanin in my eyes is decreasing extremely fast. My eyes are turning green right now. I have green eyes. I love my green eyes. I am happy with my green eyes. My green eyes are captivating. Everyone is attracted to my bright green eyes. My eyes are an alluring green. I love how my eyes are the most beautiful green. My eyes are a noticeable green. Everyone is noticing my green eyes. My green eyes are very attractive. Right now, my eyes are green. This subliminal is really working. I am noticing very fast results. My eyes are becoming green in this very moment. I love the fast results I’m getting. I’m feeling the results kicking in right now. I have my results. I got very fast results. This subliminal is clearly working very fast. I love my green eye results. My green eyes are seductive. everyone loves my green eyes.


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Please if you really get to change your eyes, send us a picture before and after and your feedback will be appreciated.

Disclaimer: DO NOT USE NATURE SOUND Rain, Ocean, water, wind, birds while driving. Do not play subliminal if you have a mental health issue or seizure.