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  • Our New Subliminal – made exactly as premium subliminal with loose compression will blown your mind away. They work and are effective. We hope that after you benefit from those subliminal will pay a visit to our sister site -and buy a premium subliminal. There is no such thing as subliminals. Subliminals is not a plural in dictionary. Our brand was used by well known personalities.

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  • FREE Weight Loss Silent Subliminal MP3
  • FREE Fear of Criticism Bubbling Water MP3
  • FREE Stick with Your Diet Silent Subliminal MP3
  • FREE Optimistic Attitude Music Baroque MP3
  • FREE ADHD Subliminal Rain MP3 Subliminal
  • Forgive a Cheater Music Subliminal MP3 FREE
  • FREE ATTRACT WOMEN Subliminal creek water background
  • Attract Men Free Subliminal MP3 Calm Rain
  • Free ADD-ADHD Rain Subliminal

    What we do?

    Subliminal Recordings

    Our prices are really affordable, long tracks between 30 minutes for music subliminal to 60 minutes for ocean or silent subliminal. We guarantee that our MP3s are as effective as the Cds because we use the superior constant bit rate compression of 256 kbps rather than the standard 128 variable compression used for music in most cases. It is well known that compressing any sound in an MP3 file loses much of its quality and info- but not our subliminals! Our files are quite large (100 MB/download- paid subliminal recordings are 30-60 minutes long.

    Music Subliminal MP3

    Many companies offer subliminal products– many offer music too, but no one offers so wide a selection of music. Chances are that the same music can be found in two or three titles. Before you buy you have a chance to read the description and the affirmations we used in each recording. Delivery is instant after payment, and no log in info anywhere to remember. Just be sure that the e-mail address you submit is correct.

    Also we offer Ocean Subliminal and Silent Subliminal

    Visit Sprudio Subliminal Download Music

    Silent Subliminal

    By now you all already know about silent subliminal or soundless subliminal recordings. Sprudio was the first to offer this product by itself! It is the perfect choice- you can play silent subliminal while working, driving, playing your own music, watching TV or sleeping. The sound can barely be perceived. However, your subconscious mind will understand all the positive affirmations, because silent subliminal is pure subliminal without music background. You can never get bored. Visit Sprudio Silent Page And Read More

    Best Customer Service

    If you have questions, or need help with your subliminal custom we are here to help. Fast shipping service, that is free in USA. We are presence in self help industry for over 10 years and can be proved. Our subliminal products helped millions of people across the world to improve their life. Do not get sucked in to hipper marketing, we advertise less and pay attention to you our customer. So please ask questions and we will be answering shortly.

    Custom Subliminal

    If for some reason you would like to create your own subliminal script using your own words, we invite you to visit our custom subliminal page. It is very easy- enter your text, select your background (which can be music, silent or nature sound), send us the message, then pay on the next page. Prices are really affordable. No one else offers custom subliminal at low prices and fast delivery- and we have been doing this for 8 years! You can even use your own recorded voice if you contact us in advance and send us the recording. Our staff will (nearly) always answer you within a few hours.


    Want to know how people feel using our subliminal? Would you like to see what products worked for others? We are really proud of our reviews. These reviews are not paid, manufactured or given because we paid for them. All of our reviews are from real people like you and me- and is very hard to find a genuine review on internet. All of our reviews were voluntarily offered and we never sent a request ever. We are not engaging in mass spam, or sending unsolicited e-mail. This is the real reason why free subliminal is offered to you with minimal invasion of your privacy. Only thing that this website collects is your IP address and even that is not used by us- we do not monitor your presence in our website. Please follow us on face book and visit our website for news and articles.

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    iPhone or any Apple Portable device users:

    Sorry, but Apple wants you to use iTunes to download their products only. We cannot offer our recordings to iTunes- their compression rate would essentially render the subliminal track worthless. We cannot certify that this subliminal will work for you. There is no such product yet discovered that works on every person 100%. Modern medicine cannot cure common cold, and it is in place for over 100 years. Your brain can do miracles. Only you can cure your body and mold your brain to have a happier, healthier life. It is up to you to succeed.